Windsor(played by Jason Marsden in his male body and April Winchell in his female body)is a one-shot villain that appears in Wendigo:Swiss American Cannibal(Xue Guai:Ruishi Meiguo Shi Renzu).He is the arch-enemy of Sashimi the Japanese Chin,the series former hero and main villain/antagonist.At the beginning of "Swiss American Cannibal",the television film opens with Nigel Uno(played by Benjamin Diskin),Hoagie Gilligan(also played by Benjamin Diskin),Wally Beetles(played by Dee Bradley Baker),and Windsor arriving at the Chinese restaurant that located in South Denpasar and Lake Tempe Street called "Hella Roast Duck".While there,the groups are continuously insulted over the intercom system,causing a furious Windsor to enter.As he is searches,he is ultimately attacked by the Chinese restaurant's mascot named Sashimi the Japanese Chin(played by Jason Lee as a teenager and Tara Platt as a child),Yogi's youngest son and Unagi's younger twin brother.Nigel soon enters,only to find Windsor dead in the hot charcoal before he is ultimately attacked,ambushed and murdered by Sashimi with a meat cleaver.Sashimi proceeds outside to murders Hoagie and Wally.Meanwhile,Theodore Seville(played by Jesse McCartney)and his female counterpart named Eleanor Miller(played by Amy Poehler)receives a note from Sashimi that said "19:55".The duo meet up and they finally realize that the message is referring to 1955 crews,consisting of Francisco the Alligator(played by Daran Norris)and Henry Chicken Hawk(played by Joe Alaskey),who are stoned at Hella Roast Duck.Sashimi soon reveals himself and successfully murders Francisco and Henry in the mean way with his meat cleaver.Later on,a male tuxedo cat named Sylvester(played by Joe Alaskey)soon finds a male green duck named Plucky has been murdered and his corpse has been shoved into an ice cream freezer in the small house that located in West Denpasar.Sashimi quickly reveals himself and successfully slices Sylvester the Cat in half with his meat cleaver.Meanwhile,a British crime boss named Wile E. Coyote(also played by Daran Norris)is ordering a food at Hella Roast Duck before Sashimi jumps on his 1967 Volkswagen Beetle and murders him in the mean way through the windshield with a glass shard.