Bunny Student Run is a Road Race in Tunes Race-O-Rama. It's also the 4th Gold Event.

The RaceEdit

You will make it to the champion races. You'll go against top students from the rival Academy. You will play as Lola Bunny around a 3 lap track. Your opponents are Bugs Bunny, 3 members of the Bugs Bunny Racing Academy, and 3 members of the Daffy Duck Racing Academy. This race also has 3 items to collect and unlock kit-parts. 1st - gold, 2nd - silver, and 3rd - bronze. If you earn a trophy, you will unlock Smash Up 1 and Looney City as a place to explore.

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Gold EventsEdit

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This Event: Bunny Student Run

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Circuit RacesEdit

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This Event: Bunny Student Run

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